Big Farm Game Android Review

Big farm game was designed as a browser based casual simulation MMO where you as a player inherit a farm in poor shape that needs maintenance and caring in order to prosper. I say inherit because that word kind of makes people more attached to the land and the thing that they need to do. You need to whip back that farm into shape and make it profitable and prosperous.

While you are doing that, you will become bigger and bigger, having more men and cattle and crops and the job will become more difficult but that is the real catch actually. All objectives are highly directed. You will have help from your workers that will help you to get your plant some seeds, harvest your crops, get the seeds out of them and then feed your animals with that seeds.

You can find a huge map that you can use to move around. What I am particularly proud of is the fact that all in-game buildings are upgradable. Well, almost every building that is. The more a farmer moves around the map, the more buildings he will find and all of them are unlockable where a farmer will find more content and new tasks that are waiting for him.

Five best things about Big Farm

First of all, this game is story driven. I came up with a nice story that is implemented in the game’s objectives to give a player a nice feel and a purpose in the game. Single player is present of course but, a player can also choose a multiplayer mode.

There is a possibility of joining a cooperation. Team up with other farmers and work on a huge project where you will get a chance to build a huge farm. Learn all about resource management in order to balance your vegetables and seeds, animals and workers and all that in order to save time while creating and building your farm.

The quickest way is sometimes the best way. You will be given a chance to improve and upgrade your farm by developing your buildings. This is directly related with the growth of your farm. The more buildings you upgrade, the bigger your farm will become, naturally.

So, if I managed to catch your interest with this, feel free to try yourself with Big Farm game. If you always wanted to plant crops, raise cattle, train horses, and just have some fun while doing something really useful and prosperous, this game might be what you are looking for. I can see that more and more people are into this game all over the world, and it is a really good thing in the end.

You can also play this game every day all day long, in an offline mode and you do not need any Wi-Fi. It is one of the best farming games on the Internet so come and try it out now.