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About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog about Big Farm game android that I developed in order to give people something to think about and have fun while playing. All my life I wanted to develop a game that will gather around thousands of people from all around the world who share the same passion, desire and vision and most importantly, love for games. There are a lot of situations from a real life that you can run onto while playing my game but the thought was to bring farming closer to the modern people of today and to show them how that is something that ca be as beautiful as any technology that was built into this new age world of technology. The technology was supposed to bring us together, not separate us apart and through this game, people will get a chance to socialize.

How To Play?

Big Farm is a really great farming game where you can build your own farm, learn all about establishing your own farming system by cooperating with other farmers and your friends from all over the world. You will be required to use your farming skills to help your friends, family, and fellow neighbors in order to turn the overgrown barnyard into a huge, prosperous and beautiful farm. That means that you will need to plant, harvest and process your crops, make your farm workers happy and take care of your animals with all your effort.

Who Can Play?

Anyone with a phone or a tablet can play this game. I made this game to be free so just download it and you are free to play it on your tablet, smartphone, IPad or Android. My game is also available for PCs as well. When you see a sign up page, just choose a server from the flag menu and you will be good to go. This menu is usually at the bottom of the login screen. I

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What Others Think About My Game

Like any other game developer, I was curious about how people feel about my game so I decided to search the Internet for some nice testimonials to my game effort. I wanted to bring farming closer to people and I mostly succeeded.

  • Joshua


    I really loved this game. The graphics are really colorful and there is plenty of content. I was not into farming before but, now I just love playing this game and trying to get to the higher level and upgrade my farm. The controls are easy so it is fun.

  • Anne


    I love farming and I play a lot of farming games but I must admit, this is by far the best farming game on the net. The gameplay is really simple, the graphics are amazing and it is easy to play it due to easy controls. A really warm recommendation.

  • James


    If you like farming and games, I would suggest that you play Big Farm because I adored it. Maybe you have to pay to win some features and sometimes it can be a long wait to log in, the game is really interesting, the graphics are more than awesome absolutely.

  • Marc


    When it comes to community participation, gameplay and graphics, Big Farm is simply ravishing. It will make you concentrate on what you need to do but give you a lot of fun at the same time. I never knew farming could so much fun before but you can always learn.